Daily Paragraph #7

I’m not a news consumer. I don’t like Colombian TV news because they have a lot of advertisements and bullshit notes. The only accurate Colombian TV news bulletin was “Quac el Noticiero” and It’s over since long time ago. I don’t like to read the news neither. Newspapers and news magazines are very bias, I don’t care the opinion some self-declared influential guy and in many cases the spanish use is poor and grandiloquent. It seems that Colombian reporters suffer of a special kind of novel writer complex. Now that I have to read in English I have discovered DW, Reuters and BBC. They usually have very clean and straightforward news content. I guess there are others serious news out there, not that Colombian media circus.

Daily Paragraph #6

I find very touching when I see on the street the tenderness of a father with his toddler. It’s not a very common kind of public affection you used to see when I was a child. I don’t know the details how it happened but a relative of my husband was killed in a robbery yesterday driving from Neiva to Bogotá. I saw this morning a young father taking his kid to school. You could see the tenderness in the way the father was treating his son. It went imposible for me to avoid the sadness when thinking on the three children this murder left orphans.

Daily Paragraph #5

Yesterday we went to get lunch to some restaurant in Chapinero. In the place there was only one restroom for everybody. I was busy in my businesses while I had to listen to a conversation through the door between a high class old lady and a waitress. The old lady was complaining with the waitress because she had to share the restroom with men and with the restaurant employees. The old lady couldn’t tell which one of those two options was the most disgusting. I thought thank god I don’t have to work in such a restaurant or to serve high class people. I would become a murderer sooner or latter.

Daily Paragraph #3

I think is more important to make new friends than keeping the old ones. The friendship must be natural and fluent. Trying to keep a friendship against the pathways or the conditions of each one is a form of forcing affection and love. It’s difficult to tell who is actually a friend, how a friendship starts or when it’s over. Friends come and go all the time during the lifetime, that’s a fact that I prefer to accept. It’s a form of detachment.

I don’t mean I don’t keep good memories and I stop loving those who were my friends once. I feel happy to see them happy with their families and with their lives. Most of those that were friends once are living now in other countries. When we get in contact via social media I feel I’m interrupting or bothering. There is no more a natural connection or a true reason to be in touch. Maybe I can count on them and vice versa for a specific favor to ask, I don’t know.

Life is changing more and more and the people who are with us are changing too. Knowing how to make new friends is crucial in terms of adaptability in a new world which is larger than before. By the way, I don’t know really how to make new friends because I’m not very social. I’m emotionally attached to a very few people. Is easier for me the idea of a partner who is also a friend than just a friend. The problem could be that I’m a very boring and cerebral guy and to ask for just to be my friend and just to go outside and hang out, is maybe too much to ask.

This was a simple TOEFL question and now is a pathetic text. Anyway I’ve completed my 300 words by now.

Daily Paragraph #1

I’ll vote for FARC in Congress election next year. They took up arms against the state since a half century or more. They told us that It was because inequality, poverty and corruption among others. This country have been suffering a long carnage because of these fake or real FARC ideals. I don’t know how much time it will take until they start to be the same shit they was against, but meanwhile I sincerely would like to see what are they going to do from this side of the history. If before the election day I regret my decision, I’ll vote for Antonio Navarro. Better the devil you know.